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President: John Tookey, PS.

Postcard Competition

Many thanks to John Tookey for judging the competition and to all who took part. The images will stay on the website.


John Tookey chose :




Still Life, Fruit and Blue Glass by Peter Wilkins.


Honourable mention :


Jolly Hollyhocks by Joy Regan

My Lockdown Garden by John Leyton

Tauro with Manikin by Ian de Vere


Modest cash prizes will be distributed in due course.




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Peter W Edmonds


Tall Ships, Tilbury. Watercolour/pen.



Wiz Manzi




Jeffrey Sturman





Erica Johns



Pandemic. Watercolour.




Alison Stenhouse



Apples on the Windowsill.



John Leyton



My Lockdown Garden Watercolour.


John King



Knighton Woods During Lockdown


Peter Wilkins



Still Life: Fruit & Blue Glass


Madeline Seviour



Valentines Mansion: Locked Down/Locked Up


Anne Daniels



Necton Grange, Norfolk, Lino Cut


Mary Springham



Red Rose Gouache


Jenny Richards





Joy Regan



Jolly Hollyhocks


Enid Smith





Janet MacPherson



Houses in a Landscape Watercolour pencils


Ian de Vere



Tauro with Manikin Postrer colour on card


Evon Wheeler



Summer Days


Derek Springham



Irene's House Watercolour/pen


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