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Members' Activities During Isolation

Since we have had to suspend all our meetings until further notice, this page is for members to show the paintings they have done whilst in isolation.

Please submit items (pictures, titles, comments etc. by email to I have now expanded the scope a little to include a photo by Mary of some knitting and some pictures, mainly of older paintings, by Peter.


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Victoria King


Self Portrait: Lockdown Covid-19 June 2020. This Self Portrait has been created to express the impact of Covid-19 with the associated feelings of isolation/depression but still ultimately of Hope, for better times to come. Painted in oils on linen, it incorporates traditional painting methods and techniques; commencing with an initial drawing, cartoon/transfer of image, underpainting, then separate layers of paint, and final glazing. The depiction of 'Rembrandt's light' is key to the composition, offering a light-infused space flooding from the upper left, down and across the picture plane.



Portraits for NHS Heroes Project: Louise/Key NHS Worker May 2020. This portrait of Louise, NHS cancer specialist nurse created in homage to the incredible work which NHS staff has given at the time of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. By daily putting her own life at risk, together with her colleagues, all in order to help us.


John King

Rhododendrons, Knighton Woods, during lockdown from sketches/memory.
Apparently, rhododendrons poison beech trees! This one had to be felled.
The rhododendrons look triumphant! 30x20 oil on canvas. I have been
continuing my love affair with this Knighton Woods place. We live over the
road so I didn’t break any rules. Lurking in the undergrowth is permitted.
I checked. If anyone is interested I have been compiling a pandemic cartoon
diary. I update it daily with some of the crazy things that happen in the news.
All in the best possible taste, well not all, see Instagram jo.king.5268



Mary Springham

View from Seil Island



Erica Johns

"Duck End" watercolour of Philip Moulds Oxfordshire home.


Peace Roses. Pastel



The Late Peter Luscombe



Today’s offering is a watercolour. I recall that the inspiration
for this one was the shiny stainless steel colander which I’d just
bought and it cried out to be painted and what do you put with a colander
but vegetables.

Mary Springham


Fig leaves with the light behind them. St James Park.



Cumbria: Near Hadrian's Wall.



The Late Peter Luscombe

Peter has produced some images, mainly of older paintings.



Today’s painting is a watercolour obviously of an hydrangea in a
copper jug. It was painted at one of the painting sessions that I have run
for 10 years, usually on the second Sunday of the month, for the Essex Art
Club in St Barnabas Church Hall, Woodford Green. Size 16 H x 12”W.



This is a scene at Pin Mill of the Butt and Oyster, which was
started in acrylic on the site but not finished on the day. I
completed it in pastel, remembering the workshop on pastel over acrylic
which the Club ran a couple of years ago at The View.


Mary Springham


These are some teddies knitted by Mary for the charity Knit for Peace.


Evon Wheeler


Evon was the first member to respond with some of her recent paintings.


A watercolour of a globe flower. No idea of its name.


I've been doing some quick ink sketches of my cat Summer who is
a reluctant muse! As soon as I start sketching she moves!




Alison Stenhouse


Experimental collage from a previous drawing and memory.


Mono print plus added paint from imagination.


Acrylic painting done from photo.


Pastel from drawings done a while ago.



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