Essex Art Club

Patron: Ken Howard, OBE, RA.

President: John Tookey, PS.



Enquiries about Essex Art Club



We welcome new members.

Members must be eighteen years old or over.

Membership is open to: present or former residents in Essex (including those parts of London which were formally in Essex), or those who work in Essex or are studying in Essex.

Print and fill in the membership form or write, making sure you include all the information we need.

All your information will be used only for membership and will not be passed to third parties.

The annual subscription for 2021 was to be £19, but is reduced to £5 for members who paid in 2020. The amount for new members is £10.

Please contact the chairman for current information.

Enquiries: enquiries or 020 8504xyz0584 (Please remove xyz before use.)