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 Panama Campbell NDD, DFA (UCL)

Born in the country of Panama, she lived her early life in Central America and the United States. Later she studied at the Camberwell School of Art and at the Slade School.  She spent some time in Spain before returning to England to teach, work and exhibit as a painter, printer and stained glass artist. 

Panama has worked on several themes. She often goes to New Mexico and Utah to paint the canyons. Focusing primarily on the aridness of the desert and volcanic sculpting of the landscape she uses colour and form to express this desolation and heat in her paintings. Other projects include Epping Forest, looking at reflections and light; and a sequence of paintings based on the female form, focusing on colour and texture. Recently she has become interested in computer art as another medium to investigate, while continuing her interest in reflections and light. With a digital camera she is combining photography with computer drawing, watercolours and oils.


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