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Linda Asher

I have been painting for a long time.   I started to go to Wanstead House when my sons were eight and ten, they are now 34 and 36 years old.  Nora Maccay and Ben Stokes were my tutors, and later Bill Porter; they were all excellent and taught me a lot.

I was always top at art at my grammar school.  I have a Diploma in Humanities from the OCA (Open College of the Arts) and am waiting for my degree in Fine Arts.  I did a seven-year course, including Interior Design to gain the forthcoming degree with the OCA .

I love painting in the country and have a week’s painting holiday in Dedham each year, which is magical. My whole week is spent painting, no cooking, shopping or washing up to do. Thankfully my husband doesn’t mind looking after himself (at least some of the time!!). The painting below shows me in the garden at Dedham.

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