Essex Art Club

Patron: Ken Howard, OBE, RA, RWS, RWA, ROI, RBA, Hon. NEAC.

President: John Tookey, PS.

CV Erica Johns


Art has been in my life since childhood days, growing up under the influence of an older brother who became a graphic designer.  Other occupations cropped up from time to time, but eventually did a 'teach-yourself' course on oil-painting when my offspring were in their teens.

When returning to work in the theatre, opportunities to resume painting in idle dressing-room hours occurred - this time in pastel.  The resulting pictures were framed and sold soon after, and my obsession with painting grew.   Next watercolour was the challenge, followed by acrylics and occasionally tempera.  These days I have no particular preference of medium, choosing what seems most appropriate for the subject.

I accept commissions working from people's photos.   Any subject, in any media - i.e. watercolour, oils, pastel pen & wash, etc.






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