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Patron: Ken Howard, OBE, RA, RWS, RWA, ROI, RBA, Hon. NEAC.

President: John Tookey, PS.

CV Julian de Camillis




I was born in North London in the early 50's and grew up in a musical/artistic family.   Have always sketched but did not take up painting regularly again since schooldays until around 1980 when on holiday in Jersey.   Having seen some pictures by the East Anglian artist Edward Seago in a London Gallery around this time, my interest in painting surfaced again. 

Am mostly self taught but have attended various adult education evening classes and art holidays including some by John Tookey (in Watercolour) and the late Debra Manifold (in Pastels).  Subjects include Landscape, Townscape, Industrial, Rivers & Estuaries, Skies, Gardens and Still life.  I work in Watercolour, Oils, Pen & Wash, Pastels and Mixed Media. 

Member of Essex Art Club and Upminster Art Society. 

I enjoy painting out of doors and have always been inspired by the big skies and open landscapes of East Anglia.  Regard myself as a representational painter with a touch of impressionism.



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